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About Us

We’re a fully transparent auction platform that’s committed to improving the home buying and selling experience. We looked at the current environment, the blind bidding, the pre-emptive bully offers, zero home inspections, and we said “its time to bring transparency into the entire process”.


The CEO of Unreserved, Michael Ryan O’Connor is no stranger to disrupting the “legacy way” of doing things as he also founded Canada’s largest digital car auction, EBlock. EBlock has auctioned off billions of dollars worth of cars online and continues to grow exponentially. EBlock was ranked number 1 as Canada’s fastest growing automotive company.

Our goal is to increase buyer confidence by providing full transparency in every step of the process.


“When you break an auction down to its basics it's really this simple: every auction whether it’s cars or homes have a showing period followed by a live bidding period. Our plan is to run a real-time transparent process and it starts by rolling out the red carpet for buyers. When something is built and designed from a buyers perspective, sellers become equal beneficiaries. Our goal is to increase buyer confidence by providing full transparency in every step of the process. The transparent online bidding is a great start however we need to be all encompassing and include home inspections in advance and then stand behind those inspections with a full warranty on every house sold. Also, by removing 4-5% commissions paid by sellers this essentially allows buyers to pay less and for sellers to keep more. Ottawa is a great place to pilot and prove the concept and once Ottawa is set to scale, we’re going to be really busy as we work towards getting other cities launched” said O’Connor.

Unreserved makes it free for sellers to sell their homes while giving them a strong guarantee prior to the auction starting.

Yes, the upside is unlimited and risk non-existent.

Watch for PR in the coming months as Unreserved will be announcing one of the largest seed rounds ever completed by a Canadian tech startup.


The way buying and selling your home was meant to be.